Dollar Store Pizza Makeover

I actually happen to LOVE the crispy thin crust on those el-cheapo Dollar Store pizzas, you know, the ones in the red box, especially the Totinos brand, I believe they are around a $1.50. They aren't embelished with much topping ingredients, so, yep, I modify...I load it up myself and create my own crispy crust custom pizzas. Adding some yummy sliced cherry tomatoes and jalapenos with some extra mozzerella has been my latest craving. The tomatoes and peppers roast up perfectly.  I've made pineapple/ ham pizza, of course loaded up pepperoni is a favorite. I've even used some leftover chicken fajita fixing and topped with shredded cheddar, Chicken fajita pizza, served with some slice avacado, oh mannnn it's good. So, basically you just use your imagination (or leftovers) and those little el-cheapo pizza's and tada', you can have a fast, yummy custom personal pizza. Get the kiddo's in on it too, everyone can make their own just the way they want :) pizza night, FUN!!

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