Boston Support T-shirt

I got mine ordered, the total came to exactly $28.69 per shirt. The color offered was a light grey. If you are thinking of a gift idea for someone you know, THIS would be the perfect gifts as you, as well, would be giving another gift to the victims of the Boston tragedies.

"Adidas teamed up with One Fund Boston to create a t-shirt in support of the victims and family’s of those effected by the Boston Marathon bombings. The “Boston Stands As One” limited edition tribute tee sold out within a day.

“Thanks to the passion and support by thousands and thousands of people we have now raised more than $1 million for The One Fund Boston, Inc.,” Adidas spokesperson Katja Schreiber, wrote in an e-mail statement to The Huffington Post.

The tribute t-shirt costs $26.20 (times of the marathon). One hundred percent of the profits will go to the The One Fund Boston foundation, the fund established by Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Governor Deval Patrick to support those directly impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings as well as to first responders.

The shirt is available here on the Adidas website."

All of my love, well wishes, thoughts and prayers go out to each victim of the Boston bombing and their families. I will continue to pray for you all as you face the tough roads ahead in your physical and emotional recovery. God bless each one of you!

Stand STRONG Boston!!!!



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