"i dig u" Valentines Day Fun

So, here's the situation.  A certain "someone" (clears throat) thought that her 2 year old grandsons Valetines day party at daycare was this week. Said "someone" made up some goodies to take.  Needless to say, a certain "someone" may be slipping a little :O but she will give you the run down just in case you want to make your special little people in your life some super fun Valetines treats too, and, if you make them A MONTH in advance like I did, I mean "someone" did, I would love to hear your excuse, cuz', well, I need one! :)

Here's the link (click here) to Ebay where I specifically purchases the little shovels. The order came with 36 shovels.  12 white, 12 pink and 12 red.  The price has went up a few dollars since I purchased mine, but of course it's ALMOST the season so I understand.  Still a great price at $27 and free shipping.  She shipped them very fast.  Seems like I had them in just a matter of days.

I looked online for a large bag of the gummy worms.  They were a little pricey.  A lot pricey. So I hit the Family Dollar Store.  A nice size bag for, yep, a dollar. I ended up grabbing 10 bags. Once in the project I found that 1 bag would accommodate 4-5 shovels.  I ended up with a few bags of worms left over.  No biggy. Kinda tasty.  I used plain ole' fold top sandwich baggies to fill..  I did have to cut about 1/2 of the top portion of the baggie away.  I secured the baggie to the shovel handle with clear tape.

I used a sharpie marker on the white shovels "i dig u". and a white paint pen on the pink and red.

The bows that are tied around the handles are just scrap fabric I had laying around and cut into thin strips.

So there you go. Oh, Happy Valentines Day from Rhylers Grandma! :)

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