Fried Cabbage and Kielbasa

4 cups of cabbage, chopped or shredded, your choice
6 slices of bacon
1/2 of a medium sized onion, diced
1 lb of kielbasa sausage, sliced
salt and pepper
White wine vinegar, or beer, for de-glazing

Begin by frying your bacon. You are going to use the bacon drippings to fry your cabbage, however, we don't want to drown the cabbage so take out most of the grease leaving just a thin layer in the bottom of your skillet. Set your bacon aside, you can snack on it now or wait and add it back into your finished cabbage dish.

Time to add your chopped cabbage and onions to your HOT skillet.  Go ahead and cover with a lid, this will help steam the cabbage. Let it cook, stirring and turning occasionally for about 15 minutes. 

Add your kielbasa.  I slice mine into bite size pieces.  Let this cook until your sausage is warm.  I try and shove them underneath the cabbage, so to get a char on the sausage and keep the cabbage from burning. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 

Once your kielbasa is cooked to your preference, time to de-glaze the pan and get all those super flavorful bits sticking to the bottom of the skillet "unstuck".  There are so many liquids you can use to de-glaze a pan, water even works too.  For this meal, because it's cabbage, which tends to be a bit bland, I'm going to de-glaze with a Lime flavored beer. I ran out of white wine vinegar and had 2 bottles of beer on the shelf. So, in she went! Just a splash, maybe 1-2 Tbsp. full. Don't worry, all the alcohol is cooked out, so the IF the kids will come within 5 feet of the cabbage, it will be safe for them. Loved the flavor the Lime flavor gave to the dish! Remember to scrape the bottom to get all those bits up.

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