Deep Fried Baked Potato

Did She say "deep fried potato"??  Yep, SHE did! Deep Fried Potato! It really is really good, fah' real. :) Now, I know what your probably thinking, same thing I was when I heard about this new technique. "Is  it soaked with grease? Is the inside of the potato going to be too greasy to eat?". The answer is NO, absolutely not. The skin crisps up immediately and forms a sorta outer shell. No grease penetrates into the potato.  The result, a delicious and creamy potato. I suppose by NOT piercing your potato (like you normally would for the oven or microwave), most of the moisture is trapped inside potato, creating a creamier baked potato.

I am going to give you the directions using one of those mega potatoes.  You know, the ones that you don't find your sacks of potatoes, ever. I've always called them "them big uns'". Makes sense, right? So here how I did it:

1  of "them big uns'" potatoes
deep fryer
toppings of your choice

Wash and dry your potato, DO NOT stab it to death like normal fashion. Just leave it be.

Deep fry for 1 hour at 325.  Sprinkle with sea salt immediately after removing from fryer. That's it. Now add on all your goodies.

I suppose you could cut the time in half as long as you used the smaller, a.k.a "normal size" baking potatoes.  I always just use the big uns' and cut it in half, leaving a nice lunch to take to work the next day. I've even grab a sack of those adorable tiny fingerling potatoes, fried them up in same fashion and served with a couple different dipping sauces. Usually a  yummy cheese sauce and a french onion (dipish') sauce and definitely "Ranch".  A fun little veggie, that potato!

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