Caramel Apple Dump Cake

1 box of Cake Mix – Duncan Hines Butter, Butter Pecan or a plain flavor. (I chose Butter Golden)
2 cans of  apple pie filling – Wilderness brand has a seasonal filling out right now, Caramel Apple!
1 stick of butter or you can use a can of sprite

 Pour filling into bottom of a 8×11 casserole pan. Spray an 8X11 dish with nonstick spray, just a tad. 


Now let's talk about the apple pie filling...As I said above, Wilderness brand puts out a "Caramel Apple Pie Filling"...OMG! Heaven in a can! Well, for those (kkhmm) who love anything caramel apple...just sayin'. If you can not find any, you can certainly grab a jar of Smuckers Caramel Sauce and drizzle over your "just apple" pie filling dump cake. But let's not  jump the gun here, onto the directions...


After you have lightly sprayed your pan, now dump in your 2 cans of pie filling. 


 Go ahead and put your stick of butter in the microwave for about 45 seconds, to melt. If you would rather to not use butter, try about a 1/2 cup of Sprite instead. It's just as good. Next...


 Pour your dry cake mix over filling. Spread it out evenly.  Now drizzle your butter or Sprite over the dry cake mix. That's it, your done!


 Bake at 350′ for 45-60 minutes.  My oven has a mind of it's own and cooks freakishly fast, so the cooking times may sure vary for you as well. Just keep an eye on it, when the crumble crust is golden brown, gooey and bubbly. 


It will be hard to not dive right in with a spoon. BEWARE once you sneak a hot bite, that stuff will be  too hot to swallow and too hot to spit out!  As a safety precaution, you may need to eat with cold vanilla ice cream. Safety first! Ya know?

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