Skillet Fried Squash

Yellow or Zuchinni Squash
Salt and Pepper

Add a couple of Tbsp. of oil (really depends on how much squash your cooking) to a skillet or frying pan and preheat over medium heat. 

This is about as simple as it gets. Wash your squash and slice, fairly thin. Add your squash slices to a big bowl and sprinkle your flour, salt and pepper over them. Now stir, flip, turn and toss your squash to coat with flour.

When your skillet is hot enough, add your squash, yes, all of them.  They don't mind being crowded. 

This is basically the same frying technique as fried potatoes. Leave alone, don't stir and let cook until you see the bottom is a crusty golden brown. Now, you can flip over. Continue to cook until crispy on the bottom. 

That's it. Your don'e. I told you there was nothing to it. Now, dig in!


  1. Thanks for the recipes, can't wait to try them!

  2. Your quite welcome, Happy New Year! :)