The pressures...of 1 lb. of meat...

Hmmm..where to begin with a recipe like this. Welp, it's really not a recipe, more of an idea I'd say. A very... delicious... idea.

As some of us well know, it's very hard to cook for a family of 2. It's alot of dividing of meats to freeze. Fighting the Seal-a-Meal, or Saran wrap, awww nah!! Heck, 1 lb. of hamburger meat can make 3, maybe 4, meals in my house-hold. Now, it's really not a whole lot of work to separate bigger packages of meat and freeze the small portions, BUT , I'll be quite honest, sometimes I just don't wanna! I guess I can be difficult when my lazy bone strikes. It happens, generally right after a hectic work week, none the less, it happens.

 I'm really not a fan of leftovers OR wasting food. Ticks me off frankly to cook up  a yummy casserole (or whatever) and then get my belly full only to know that the "rest of it" is gonna get shoved to the side in the fridge the next few days while scavenging for something to eat. Wasteful wasteful! So, I get a little giddy when the ole " light-bulb" comes on. This can be referred to as a "Ry-duh" moment. An idea so stinking simple that, yes, I  occasionally say to myself  "why didn't I think of this earlier, duh!?" Oh well, I got my game plan now... taco meat. Yup,  taco meat. I fried it up, a whole pound, (rebel me, right? Grarr) added my taco seasoning, and Whala',  a whole pans worth, a whole weekends worth OR freezer ready portions for a later time.

Looks like I maybe be having a Taco Salad with my own homemade Taco Bowl, then tomorrow,  maybe a yummy Walking-Taco, (those little single bags of Frito's at the Family Dollar check out counter are just perfect for this, perfect for a quick meal for 1 or 2 folks ), and  maybe some tasty spaghetti and meat sauce meal. Great time to use some of the individual Spaghetti Sauce frozen cubes in the freezer. And, tonight, a kick back from my past Taco Bell addiction days...the Taco Burger. It worked out just fine, REAL fine!

That about sums it up, y'all can take it from there. Whatever it is you do, make it work for YOU!

Have a blessed weekend.


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