Fried Squash

Oh fried squash how I love you! A.k.a "fried squarsh"....

There are so many healthier alternatives to so many recipes that call for "frying". Not this one. Nope, don't even think about it. Not gonna work out for ya. Not this time. This one, it has to be fried! YES it's holy grail!
Any how, I'll make this short (yeah right) and sweet.

Wash your squash! You don't have to scrub the "haydeez'" out of it, but, at least knock off the grit.

 Yellow squash or Zucchini squash, a squash is a squash is a squash, it's all just fine. (Thank you spell check, "1 c or 2 in zuchini?  Or, wait, 2 h's, zuchhini? 1 or 2 n's, zucchinni? (scratching head).  Well hale', now I've confused myself, I just don't know... spell check please!")

Anyhow...slice them up, and yes cut off and discard the ends. I have to spell this out I've learned for some folks. It's okay though, that's how we all learn.

So, now, heat your oil in a skillet. Not to high, not too low, just about medium heat. If your oil starts to smoking, that dude's too HOT, turn it down! 

Now mix up some flour and salt and pepper, that's the basic way. You can by all means add whatever seasoning you like. A good friend of mine gave me the best advise I've ever had, she says to me "throw a bunch of crap in until it tastes good". So, by gawd, I'll share the same advise with you. 

Dredge your squash discs into your flour mixture (holy trinity here in the South)...set aside and let rest for a few minutes before frying.  Around 3-4 minutes. Then, fry them up. Don't over crowd the pan. Give them their space.  Drain on paper towel. Serve immediately, and serve warm. 

My mothering moment:  I WANT you to enjoy! Enjoy a little-bit of these, not a lotta-bit of these!  Use moderation with these fried dandies, make this a special treat once or twice a month. Your THAT special!


  1. I use an egg wash and then dredge my squash in cornmeal. Talk about yummy!

  2. I bet the cornmeal makes it SOO crunchy! I'm tryin' it! Thanks!