Southern Fried Catfish

There are so many ways to fry catfish.  So many batter recipes.  Seems everyone has their own tried and true secrets when it comes Fried Catfish, and IT'S the best. It's probably true. I haven't met a piece of catfish I didn't like.  All though, just as every other southerner in my neck of the woods, I have my personal favorite.  A simple dredging with simple ingredients.  No eggs, no milk.  It's a nice combination of flour and cornmeal.  The best of both worlds.   Super crunchy coating.
1 cup plain corn meal
2 cups flour
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp season salt  (for the fish)
1 tsp pepper
1  tsp garlic powder
Thaw your catfish. Using a paper towel(s), you need to pat dry your fish. This is very important as too wet fish will make for a gummy batter.  Pat dry by turning the fish over a few times making sure you pat dry both sides well. Liberally season with season salt, let rest.

Combine the flour, cornmeal, soda and seasonings in a ziploc baggie.  A pie plate would work fine too.  Add your fish and coat well.  Once all your fish has been coated, let set for about 5 minutes.  This will allow the coating to adhere to the fish before frying.  You know how you will add a breaded meat to a pan and the flour poooooofs' all into the oil. Letting the flour "set up" will prevent this.

Preheat your oil to 350, you want at lease 1 " of oil. BE SURE AND USE A BIG ENOUGH SKILLET WITH TALLER SIDES.   I have found that Canola oil or Peanut oil seems to work the best with the fish, but, use whatever you have on hand. 

Fry your fillets about 4 minutes per side for larger fillets.  Cooking time really depends on the size of your fillets.  Some like to make bite size nuggets.  I like cutting pieces about the size of  my pinky too. So, you will have to check for doneness per your likings. Internal temperature should be 145 degrees.



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