Sandwich for a Crowd

Holy Bajjeezus, Now THAT'S a sandwich! I love the theory of this bad boy as well as the taste.  This will feed  a crew I tell you.  If this isn't a good enough reason to get everyone together and have a picnic, then I don't know what it!
Kings Hawaiian Bread Loaf
Pimento Cheese
Tuna Salad
3 deli meats, your choice
Sliced Cheese
Tomato, sliced
Onion, sliced
Mayo or Mustard

Using a serated knife (VERY IMPORTANT to use serated), slice your Bread loaf horizontally into 4 sections.

Now for the layering:

starting from the bottom, building up

Bottom piece of loaf bread

next bread section
mayo both sides
deli meat
deli meat
deli meat

next bread section
(may the bottom and place mayo side down on top of deli meat)
tuna salad, pile it on

next bread section
pimento cheese
place your "top piece" back on.

This is a sandwich, but be prepared to use a fork and knife to eat it. Delicious but messy.

This serves quite a few as the slices you cut are only about 2" wide.

Play around with all different types of sandwich fixins'..Get creative, come up with YOUR  very own  Shamich'!