El Cheapo Reuben Sandwich

Ok, so, this is my "I was craving a Reuben sandwich, it's Sunday and I don't feel like going to the store and I don't have any of the REAL stuff" recipe. So, I did what we do in the South... improvised! (No duct tape involved, this time) I didn't have Sourdough or Rye, just cheapo white bread. Nope, no Corned Beef either, and not a lick of sauerkraut to be found in this house. But, I refuse to give in! I made my sad little sandwich, and IT TURNED OUT GREAT!

Basically, I made a grilled cheese ,so to speak, and layered my creation like this:  smoked cheddar, deli ham, thinly sliced (shredded) raw cabbage, Thousand Island dressing, deli ham again and ended with smoked cheddar. Grilled that bad boy and it was just the ticket! El Cheapo was El Goodo!