Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Preheat your oven, 400 degrees.

1 lb or 1 pack of thick center cut bacon (any brand)
1 bundle or 1 lb medium size asparagus,washed and remove about 1 inch from the bottom end.

Wrapped bacon over 2 or 3 of your bundled asparagus's (?) mid section, secure the end of your bacon with a toothpick, not sure you need too if you lay the bacon-end piece down, but I do, just cuz. (I chose to cut my bacon pieces in half before wrapping, have you seen the price of bacon lately, GEEZ!)
Place some aluminum foil over your baking sheet or cookie sheet, in my case.

 Place your bacon wrapped asparagus's (??) on the tray and bake your little bundles for about, eh, 30 minutes (all of our ovens cook different, so pay attention to it, DON'T BURN THE BACON for gawds sake.) I flip the bundles a few times while baking. 

Your done. Eat it.

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