Candied Orange Peel

Jacob says:

"I began by scrubbing six navel oranges, slicing the tops and bottoms off, scoring along the peel several times, and carefully removing the rind and pith.

 I then sliced the peels into quarter inch strips and put them in a sauce pan and covered them with cold water. I brought that mixture to a boil, then drained and rinsed them, and repeated this process two more times. (This blanching removes the bitterness from the peels, and makes for a nice finished texture. I was concerned with the level of bitterness and so I went ahead and blanched three times, but I found that in the end I actually would have liked a little bit more bitterness, so in the future I might opt to only blanch them twice.)

 After the last blanching, I drained the peels and set them aside. In the sauce pan I whisked together six cups of sugar and two cups of water, and brought that to a boil and simmered the syrup for about ten minutes.

 I then added the peels to the sugar syrup and gently simmered them for about one hour, or until the edges were translucent.

 I drained them (reserving the syrup for use in orange iced tea and flavored cocktails) and took half of the peels and individually rolled each in granulated sugar and set them on a piece of parchment paper and baked on 200 for about an hour, checking every 20 minutes.

The other half I laid out on a wire cooling rack set over a sheet pan. Allow to dry over night."

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